Company profile

Dear Partners!

Traktorbolt Kft. was founded in 1997 with 3 people and currently employs 25 people. Our employees are agricultural mechanical engineers, maintenance mechanical engineers and technicians. The majority of manual workers are machine cutting gear manufacturers, CNC programmers, structural locksmiths, welders and agricultural machinery mechanics.

The main profile of our company is the production of gears, we produce all types of gears. From the bevel gear to the straight and bevel teeth, from the internal teeth to the ribbed shaft, including everything. Furthermore, the production and renovation of agricultural power machines, work machines and their parts. As well as manufacturing, repairing and refurbishing parts of construction machines, loaders, earthmoving machines, engines, road and water vehicles. Design and manufacture of unique machines and tools.

Our best-selling product is the hydraulically driven concrete mixer bucket, which we manufacture for all types of loaders from 180 liters to 1000 liters. This is followed by a wide range of loader forks, which we also manufacture for all types of loaders. we also manufacture auger feed distribution buckets, silo cutters, horizontal axis stem crushers, hole drills, stump drills, earth buckets and wood pullers.

Our goal is for the Customer to be able to realize his operational and development ideas without any problems.

Our services:

Gear manufacturing

– production of bevel gears

– curved gear production

-straight and oblique teeth

-production of internal gears

– Sprocket production

-ribbed shaft production

-ribbed sleeve production

Production of round baling parts:

– compaction cylinders

-plate parts

– sprockets


Renovation of power and machine rigid bridges

Carraro, Dana, Hurt,

Production and renovation of hydraulic cylinders

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